EnvironAct provides third party verification of reduction activities through reliable, transparent, and science based methods that quantify the benefits of direct reductions and offsets in water, methane, and carbon dioxide. Enabling the generation of voluntary exchange credits, and supporting markets focused on the purchase and retirement of these offsets.

Solution-based initiative

Dwelling on the problems leaves us powerless but emphasizing the solutions allows us to ACT!



Become a leader in accurate, reliable, and transparent third party verification of reductions by connecting farmers and small business to credit generated revenue, facilitating the creation of credits from calculated offsets, and enabling the direct sale - through secure blockchain-driven accounting - of these credits to corporations, individuals, and governments working to achieve climate change mitigation.

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Carbon Credits

Sustainable farming practices, healthy soil reclamation, products that capture carbon, and localization of goods work together to create a complete climate solution. 

Methane Credits

To reverse climate change we must dismantle the economic system that caused it. Methane emissions are up to 80 times more hazardous to our atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

Water Credits

Certifying reductions in water use across industries will reward innovative practices. Millions are threatened by water scarcity and water contamination.


Consumers vote with every dollar...

Determining our planet's condition.


Join a growing movement of people around the world who are working to keep their local communities safe from climate impacts.

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