Using art, culture, fashion, music, and films to educate and inspire new generations of environmental advocates.

Each event features an exhibition of silver halide photographic murals, handmade one of a kind garments, presentations on the contribution that arts, literature and films have made to creating our global conservation movement; soundscapes, and film screenings to prompt engagement through a celebration of the beauty of our planet and the privilege of being sustained by it. 


Celebrate Art & Earth

Solution focused

By focusing on our LIMITLESS collective creative potential we EMPOWER participants to engage with the ENVIRONMENTAL crisis in new unexplored ways.

The issue of climate change is very much a civil and human rights issue impacting not only those currently on the planet but all the unborn generations which will inherit its impact.

Instead of being overwhelmed and disillusioned by a seemingly insurmountable task, newly inspired advocates can imagine the solutions and enact them through becoming an active participant empowered to create greener communities and a greener planet.

Currently the environmental dialogue is being stifled by those reaping financial rewards from the lack of action. This means our voice is being suppressed and silenced through money and politics. It will take widespread support and willpower on community levels to create the momentum we need to steer away from the direction we are heading.

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The voice of the entire globe is being marginalized and silenced by those profiting from our inevitable destruction. The environmental crisis underlies, and informs all other global issues, and the consequences of today’s actions will be irreversible.